Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish of Swift Current

1850 Springs Gate (West of the Hospital)

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The Sacrament of Marriage (Holy Matrimony)

In the Catholic Church, marriage is between a man and a woman.  The matrimonial union of man and woman is indissoluble:  God himself has determined it: “what therefore God has joined together let no one divide.” (Matthew 19:5, 6; CCC1614).

A time of preparation and study is required before receiving this most important Sacrament.  Couples are expected to be coming to Church and practicing the faith before requesting God’s blessing upon their union.  During the time of preparation, if it is determined that the couple is sufficiently mature to undertake such a commitment; if they are free from any impediment; if they be free and mutual consent between partners and that they be open to having children who they will vow to bring up a practicing Christians, then they are given the permission to bet married in the Catholic Church.

The Church is the most appropriate place to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage because the two people involved are vowing their love for each other and calling upon God’s people, gathered to be their witness and asking God to join them together at the foot of His altar.  It is suitable to go to God’s house for God’s blessing before they set off on their own.  Marriage is a public and a sacred act that the other members of the parish are free to attend.

Couples should contact the parish office as soon as they become serious about marriage. Participation in marriage preparation programs is a policy of the Archdiocese of Regina.  Advance notice of six months is necessary to ensure proper marriage preparation.

Weddings:  Basic Information

  1. The parish church is primarily a place of worship for the Catholic Community and therefore, is not a venue for weddings of those who have no connection with the Catholic faith.
  2. Catholics who are not active or those from other Catholic parishes, who are non-contributing members of our Parish and who wish to celebrate their wedding in our parish may do so, subject to availability and the following stipulations are met:
    1. The Pastor must give permission
    2. The Couple must have consulted their own Pastor and have completed the required marriage preparation program, as well as the church and civil documents, under his direction.
    3. The Couple’s Pastor must send all these documentation and a letter of introduction and permission to the Pastor of Christ the Redeemer Parish.  Without the above requirements, the pastor will not officiate at the weddings of non-parishioners neither will he allow the use of our church.

Wedding Music

All music used at weddings is an integral part of the wedding liturgy and must therefore reflect that it is a religious event.  Non-liturgical music (themes from movies, popular songs, and the like) is not to be used, nor is any kind of pre-recorded music.  These are more fitting for the reception after.

The main instrument used a weddings is the McGuigan Organ, which adds a special note of dignity to the ceremony.  Other instruments may also be used as permitted by the General Instruction of the Liturgy.

Selection of music is done in consultation with our Organists, who advises on its suitability.  In selecting soloists, couples are urged to choose competent vocalists who must practice with our liturgy person on various parts and stages of a wedding liturgy in the Catholic Church.

Fees and Honoraria

There are fees and honorarium for the use of our facilities and services.

Please contact the parish office at (306) 773-9524.